Heidi and Seek

I love indie designers.  They have no fear.  They don’t have to worry about pleasing a mass market sensibility just to keep their stock holders happy; and they can be as creative as they want to be–on their own terms.

Heidi and Seek is an independent label of mostly one-of-a-kind pieces by designer Hayley Lau.  Her look is edgy, hip and unique.   Made from reclaimed materials, the fashions of Heidi and Seek are unexpected, pairing unusual fabrics, textures and colors with surprisingly modern results.

Hayley Lau, the label’s founder, designs and sews each garment from
reclaimed materials. She aims to counter the disposable nature of
today’s fashion industry, which relies on exploited workers to bear the
cost of the low prices offered to customers. She strives for fairness
and eco-friendliness in every aspect of business.

h&s does not sacrifice good design to be green. h&s
clothing is not intended for wear in one season and a deposit in the
charity bin the next. Hayley’s designs are wearable, individual and
nonconforming to fad trends. Each garment is one-of-a-kind or very
limited edition (between two and five made).

Check out her main website, and her Etsy store for more on Hayley Lau’s beautiful creations.  I’m posting a few of my own favorites here.

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