Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna

Flora & Fauna is a ready to wear line by designer Pauline Siu based in Vancouver. Taking inspiration from the lush nature world around her, Siu designs clothing that is captures the beauty, charm and delicacy of plants and animals.  The line features clean lines, rich colors and a pan-seasonal style that makes them both conscious and easy to integrate into your existing wardrobe.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials and business practices, Flora & Fauna also supports animal welfare and nature conservation organizations.  For the FW09 season, they are giving $2 from sales each bear theme piece to our foster bear cub at Critter Care in Langley.  And $2 from the Bumble Bee hoodie to EYA (a youth group that researches and builds bee condos to help maintain honey bee population).

I spoke to Siu about her efforts to build a sustainable company.  She told me, “Flora & Fauna is inspired by all the creatures and plants we share the earth with.  Having witnessed the pollution and damage conventional materials and production methods pour into our environment, we knew we would not want to be a part of the fashion industry unless we could do it the right way by using sustainable fabrics and notions, ethical production, and local production facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.  Ethical, sustainable practices, supporting charities, along with the subtle environmentalist messages in our clothing, we are proud to be taking fashion one step forward.”

According to Siu, the fashion industry has evolved based in large part by consumer demand.  She told me, “Over the past 5 years, there’s been so much customer demand for transparency in the fashion industry – as the ugly side of the industry has been exposed.  Many corporations and larger scale businesses are stepping up to the eco-challenge, while many smaller independent designers already have a leg up on ethical production, and many are using sustainable materials as well.  More recently, current economic has challenged shoppers to make their purchase decisions more carefully.  Across Canada and US, there is a lot of emphasis on supporting smaller local businesses to help stimulate economy.  This has draw a lot of attention to eco-fashion labels that are produced in North America, and smaller independently owned clothing boutiques.”

Of course, its not enough to just be conscious.  A modern eco-designer also needs to create style that is comparable–or even surpasses–conventional fashion.  Check out the photos of the F/W09 line from Flora & Fauna–and consider supporting an independent business that has heart and soul by shopping at their online store:

204 artwork detail

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