Played Out: Why some fashion is totally irrelevant

From flats to pumps, accessories to earrings, you’d be hard pressed not to find, even in women’s fashion, something that has finally gone out of style.

You can be sure that your closet could easily be filled with a bag, shoe or skirt that just isn’t cutting it anymore, and needs to be given the ceremonious toss to the curb as being fashion that no longer is relevant.

As much as fashion is forgiving, as cyclical as it can be, you still have a few items, pieces, tops or bottoms that just haven’t been able to muster up enough courage to find their way back on to the runway, and possibly may never again given their status and stock is dropping fast.

Despite some 1990s favorites coming back into the fold, for example, this Fall, such as the lovable windbreaker or track suit pants, you won’t catch anyone wearing those uncomfortably long pleated skirts this season (or any season for that matter). While some in the fashion circle have no problem with pleats when it come to khakis and shorts, the skirt has lost its luster in this regard.

Another fashion piece that is past due in the most pitiful ways is an accessory that looks a little too uneasy mixed with laziness. Remember that beach bag you always toted around with you that just was filled with anything from sunscreen to towels. That bag typically was rather plain, maybe even a solid color and had no edges to it (something that made it look square or as if could stand up on its own).
Simply put, it was dull and lifeless. Those same bags no longer have a place in today’s world of accessories, handbags specifically, particularly the ones that are made of leather. Instead, those have been replaced with the smaller book bag look or the over the shoulder sling bags, along with the always irreplaceable fanny packs (don’t laugh but those are back and better than ever, just not quite as large and pronounced as the predecessor).

You can never be completely sure that a piece of clothing or a style of sorts is going to pronounced dead forever. Even the most ridiculous and hideous fashion has found time to resurrect itself (again, think windbreaker) and make a few dollars and even a few heads turn as a result.

But the aforementioned styles might have a really hard time pulling off what can only be described as a fashion miracle.

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