Thought Provoking: How to take runway looks and make them your own

As much as you love to check out what’s hot for all of the seasons by keeping an eye and ear on all the comings and goings of your favorite fashion runway, you can’t help but think that those styles are simply out of your reach.

And by that, you believe wholeheartedly that those looks are either unattainable and left to those who have the financial resources to buy clothes of that ilk and look a certain way or you’re having trouble taking what you see and making it truly relatable, given that you can perhaps emulate that look but don’t know where to start.

Thank heavens for the unbelievable ability of fashion experts to take what you see at Fashion Week, for instance, and essentially translate it for all to enjoy and, of course, wear.

Call it inspiration or a taking a much needed detour off the runway and into your very own closet at home for the Fall season that features lots of comfortable sweaters, oversized clothing that pair nicely with fiercely familiar bottoms.

Those bottoms, specifically, are the ultra chic crop pants with the flared leg opening. They are a perfect compliment to any top this Fall season. And as long as we’re talking about the bottoms, why not turn our attention to the comeback kids of the Fall season as far as women’s fashion is concerned: the flare jeans.

Yes, these jeans were popular in the 1970s and returned to the top of the jeans heap in 2002 and 2003 but have since remained dormant until now. The trend has been spotted on runways recently and can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe this season.

To pair perfectly with your bottoms, the latest top trend is the turtleneck with a much needed twist. Sure, you can have your turtleneck as is and wear it too, but what about thinking outside the box and taking the sleeves and ditching them for good. The sleeveless turtleneck gives you a perfect, breathable top to showcase, and if you need a little added warmth, go with the sweater and light jacket trend: the full length versions of both.

Every woman keeps tabs on what is trending, what is popular and what exactly the celebrities are wearing from one season to the next, whether you’re keeping tabs on them via social media or still flipping through your favorite magazine pages.

The advent of the internet didn’t take away our interest in fashion but rather gave us the ability to make it accessible to us all.


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