Cosmetically Challenged: How to choose the best fragrance?

Walk toward any cosmetic counter in a small or retail store, and you’ll be inundated with two things: sample sprays and enough bottles to seemingly last a lifetime.

Oh, and one other thing: confusion.

No, the confusion isn’t because every sales person is spraying your from all angles, and the smell is too much to take in all at once but rather because you have an endless amount of options to choose from, so what are women to do when they’re trying to find a perfume that is, in their eyes, perfect for them to wear?

There’s no real easy answer, as most makeup counters will go with whatever is new, for example, or they’ll piggy back on a celebrity that just put out a new perfume. They also aren’t opposed to marketing a perfume that isn’t selling well, and they’ll even though in that proverbial “free gift” as a way to move some product.

And as much as we try to find perfection in perfume, you can tend to lead toward a better price point, a gift or something else that takes you off course completely as far as what you initially wanted.

A lot of what makes a perfume is how it is classified by experts in the field. You can have something of an absolute perfume, which is essentially untouched and pure but really potent. The absolute group can also be rather pricy and a bit off putting if your sense of smell is sensitive.

Another popular category is the Eau de Toilette, which you’ve undoubtedly seen on bottles of perfume you’ve purchased. This one is more of a universally lauded perfume category because it’s not a huge amount of perfume oil (which is what gives it the smelliness) and is mixed along with water and not alcohol.

This tends to be more refreshing of a smell and not overly potent, more of a natural fragrance that mirrors your body’s natural smell.

The perfume of your choice has to speak to plenty of variables, anything from what you have been wearing, the kind of person you are or even something as simple yet important enough as how you dress and your overall style.

But at the end of the day, you also have to go with what smells good to you, too. That piece often is overlooked in a sea of perfume pretenders trying to earn your business, even though you’re not so crazy about them, no matter what actress or singer says they’re great.

You’re the only superstar that matters, what you think and what the smell of a perfume says about you.

And you alone.

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