Painfully Plain: How to know your style is so old fashioned

Who doesn’t love to do a little people watching from time to time?

Sure, we all do, and those women who are paying close attention to fashion trends and how styles come and go like the seasons also use that people watching to see what’s in and what’s out as far as wardrobes are concerned.

One of the more unique aspects of trends is that they come and go so quickly, that you might actually blink and miss the high side of a particular style before it really even gets a chance to get going, other than sales revenue, albeit short lived.

Fashion trends that are going out of style aren’t so much difficult to spot when they’re so overtly bad. You could easily argue that if you no longer see women wearing a particular style or dress, then it’s probably on its way out the door as being a premier style, if it hasn’t already been shown the exit officially.

But beyond just a top or bottom being missing from a store, you have to pay attention a little more closely to know just if, but more like when, a fashion or style is going to say so long for good.

A lot of times what ails a particular style for women is the fact that it becomes too popular too quickly. Once everyone starts to wear a style, then it no longer becomes intriguing or wanted by the masses. You’ll get plenty of retailers that take what they see at Fashion Week and run with it back to their manufacturers to get something of that same ilk on the shelves, but the quick turnarounds almost are somewhat of a death sentence to fashion or clothing.

This isn’t to suggest that if a style or piece are popular that people shouldn’t buy it but rather just simply denotes that fast rising popularity and the result being everyone wears the same outfit, only serves to push this trend down faster and without prejudice after a shorter time.

Think of it simply as a saturated marketplace.

The phrase “to each their own” makes sense when you talk about fashion because what it hip and stylish to one women might be the complete opposite to another. But in all fairness, styles do come and go and for the modicum of women who hang on to them, so be it. That won’t, however, keep your look from being deemed out of a style for one reason or another.

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