Classically Trained: How to make timeless fashion work for you

What are the sweetest words any woman can hear regarding fashion? How does “timeless classic” sound?

That phrase allows you to breathe a sigh of sweet relief knowing that there are tops, bottoms, accessories and other stylish items that you can purchase and know that you’ll always have them as your “go to” in your closet.

To say this should leave you ecstatic is an understatement: not only do you have versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe to make multiple looks, but think of just who valuable these are in relationship to not having to constantly buy, when a simple upgrade less frequently is perfect for fashion on a budget.

But perhaps the most important element of it all is that you’ll not have to worry about these items; they’ll always be fashionable and exactly what you’d come to expect from looking any part you have to fill: whether that’s casual, business or carefree fun.

From top to bottom, the mainstays are hard not to notice.

Let’s start with the jeans.

For starters, you might have a hard time finding a particular style or cut of jeans to stick with over the long haul, although you want to steer clear of straight leg or flared (anything that is too far to the one extreme) and instead go dark with the color and keep the legs tapered, just to be safe.

Those jeans will last quite a while both speaking from a durability perspective but also the color (dark) of them too as far as trendy goes.

A neutral skirt also is going to give you some serious miles as well: you can’t argue that it can be paired with just about any top, even a T shirt or perhaps more specifically a white blouse. A neutral skirt is perfect for the office or even casually on the weekends. And as long as the white shirt is on your mind, get one.

Your feet will thank you immensely if you invest in an ankle boot and a knee high, black and white, although gray and tan also is high on that list. The heel type should vary back and forth: pointy for some and wider for the icy days or rougher terrain.

You also can’t overlook a trend that has never really left but tends to get overlooked: the leopard print. For so many years, you’d think leopard print and immediately harken back to your grandmother, who tried so hard to be sexy and seemed more inappropriate than anything.

But leopard print skirts or leopard print that isn’t campy or overdone is quite natural and breathtaking when it’s worn correctly.

From jeans to skirts, and everything in between, you can’t really appreciate those timeless beauties in your closet, especially when you absolutely need to put something together quickly and don’t want to look outdated or underwhelming in the process.

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