Casually Speaking: How to stay classy and comfortable at get together

How many times have you been asked to attend a dinner at friend’s house, and you so want to just throw on a pair of sweats and a hoodie and walk in with a bottle of wine as assume everything is just fine?
For most men, that would be ideal and less than ideal for anyone with them. While sweats might be a bit of a stretch, being able to head to a get together without having to feel the need to dress up but rather keep things casual and comfy would be the best of both worlds when you have to leave the house, when all you want to do is cozy up to the flat screen TV for some holiday football bowl games.

The truth is that you can have a dressed down look and still come across as actually caring about your wardrobe, with the trick being that perfect complement of lazy and lovable from top to bottom when you piece together your attire for the event.

A denim jacket goes a long way to allowing you to wear a plain colored T shirt and yet still have that “didn’t just roll out of bed” feel to what you’re wearing. That’s because a distressed, denim jacket is stylish (and really even a leather jacket, thinner looking almost as if its disguised as a top) would be the same idea behind pairing it with a comfy T shirt.

And if you are intent on wearing a hoodie that has the logo and name of your favorite team on it, so be it. You can actually “get away” with doing so simply because you can pair it with a different type of jacket beside denim (think suede maybe or a lighter cotton jacket) and totally look the part. As for the bottoms that go with your sweatshirt and jacket combo on top, try to avoid khaki pants but rather replace them with corduroy and maybe a pair of sneakers that are of the slip on variety, such as something from Converse or Reebok, who make slip on sneakers that look like they’re more dressy than they actually were intended to be.

No guy wants to go out and look sloppy, particularly if he’s in a situation where he’s going to a dinner to make a good impression. Wearing a full suit to a holiday dinner or first time meeting might be a bit much if the situation or venue isn’t calling for that sort of formality. Rather, fall back on what you know, feel comfortable wearing with just a slight adjustment in the form of one piece that gives the entire ensemble an upgrade.

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