Gone and Forgotten: Why some style are better off forgotten

As hot and cold as fashion can be, there are times when style goes cold.

Ice cold. And, for good.

Whether it’s a top or bottom, accessory or piece of jewelry and the footwear to finish off the entire ensemble, you might be harboring a few pieces of clothing that could easily be put in the “go” pile when you’re determine what you should and shouldn’t be wearing.

Now, it’s worth noting that the items on this list, the ones that are being cast aside and rightfully so, could easily be back on the shelves at the retail stores within a decade or less. But for now and for the foreseeable future, they’re on the outside looking in, starting with your denim.

Anyone who’s been buying and wearing jeans for their entire lives and have seen the style change dramatically over decades know just how much you can’t rely on staying power for denim.

It looks as though crop jeans are starting to take front and center stage as the most stylish denim you can buy, leaving behind a slew of other pretenders. The crop jeans give you the best of all the worlds you could want out of denim: wide opening at the bottom, frayed edges in those same openings and a slimming look. The total straight leg jeans should be cast aside at least for the time being in favor of the crop look.

From bottoms to the bottoms of your feet, what about footwear as far as what is trending on the upswing. The simple answer has and has always been the same: sneakers. And we we talk about sneakers, you want to keep it as easy as possible and just go with the same sneakers  you’ve seen and worn for years. Call them classic or customary, but there’s just plain, old sneakers, running shoes, etc. The classic sneaker is driving a wedge in the heart’s of women who are in love with their wedge shoes, which are a niche and nice in the same breath, but just don’t have the longevity.

And finally, let’s get a little more comfortable with two pieces you can keep but change up just a bit. Leggings and T shirts are timeless but are every changing and as much as we love our graphic T shirts and wildly flashy leggings, they’re not as welcomed as they once were. That isn’t to suggest that a pair of stripped or zebra leggings or eye catching tops aren’t going to find their way to daylight, but the style has to take a backseat to a more subdued look, even though the main players are the same.

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