Foot Worn: Why ankle boots are pushing out other tired looks

You could easily argue that shoes are the lifeblood of a women’s closet, and you can never have too many of them, honestly.

That’s why when a shoe trend emerges, the entire female population is on point and a listening and watching intently to see exactly what it might be, whether it was the classic pumps that defined a decade or the most recent push on knee high boots that make a mini skirt pop or go great with a classic, laid back pair of leggings.

But the newest and most stylish footwear has taken those pumps, knee high boots and other tired looks and given your feat and the fashion industry a breath of fresh air, and reason to relive another style that has been dormant for far too long.

Say hello to ankle boots, which have taken women’s fashion and footwear by storm and that’s only the beginning. Not only can you pair these shoes with just about any outfit or bottoms, but they’re incredibly versatile in how and with what type of outfit your can wear them with, such as jeans or a long or short skirt, for example.

In addition, the ankle boot has a supporting player in all of this, and that statement is literal to say the least.

The cone heel is a part of the ankle boot trend, and it’s as much beloved of a style as the boot itself. Why is the heel being cheered so vehemently?

The answer is two fold and is a meld between the visual look of the heel along with practicality melding with fashion. The heel is incredibly comfortable and supportive, so as much as you love the thinner heel or the straight block that is the typical boot bottom, this is a combination of both that is a pure winner.

Imagine having a boot that isn’t like a balancing act on a daily basis and is a solid core of stability and also is amazing in how it looks, and the cone heel stands out like you wouldn’t believe in a closet undoubtedly filled with other boots that are desperately in need of an upgrade.

Look as though the ankle boot and its new heel are clearly stepping up your footwear game, while you clearly step out in style from the ankle down.

And in the process you may have found more than just a temporary new favorite boot. From what it appears, the ankle boot is becoming a mainstay in your wardrobe of accessories.

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